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What are Short Essays

Writing a 500-word essay is not a big deal. At least that’s what they think about that. As easy it may sound to most people. The intuitive thing about essay writing is, it gets more complicated as you start to reduce the word count. 

If you are just a sophomore, you won’t probably realize that if you are entitled to say something abstractive, you have to make sure that you say very informative and advance. Each and every word that you omit counts. Therefore, writing a 500-word essay has to be very compelling and engaging to the reader’s mind. Hence it is important to take assistance from online assignment helpers to make sure of the quality of the essay. 

The significance of writing a 500-word essay is known to very few students. There will some instances where you will be asked to write a review or opinion on a very discussed issue or scenario. You have to make sure that you express all your perspectives and understanding in a very professional and less controversial way. Therefore, you have to choose every word very carefully. The readers would be focusing on every statement as the whole content is going to be short. 

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Just like any other essay, short essays containing 500 words also have the same structure. There are an introduction, body paragraph and conclusion. All three sections have to be delivered in the same traditional way just like any other form of writing. 


In the introduction, you have to describe the agenda of the essay in which you try to engage the readers and get their attention. Your essay might be based on a statement or a mere question. You thrive towards answering the question or you process your content in the direction of the thesis statement of the essay. You just have to give a little brief about the subject or topic and allow a little insight into the details of the essay. 

Body Paragraph

The body paragraph should consist of 4-6 paragraphs in which you try to explain all the scenarios and perspectives of the thesis statement. You have to maintain the flow of the statement in such a way that readers must find it comfortable to go through the statements flawlessly. Make sure, all the statements are supported with evidence in order to give a stronghold to your contents. Keep the tone professional and try avoiding the use of complex vocabularies. 


In the conclusion section, you have to share your personal opinions about the main thesis statement and if you have discussed any issue in your essay, you must be able to describe a viable solution to that issue. That’s what makes a complete and compelling essay. 

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For example, let us say that you have been given a topic on global warming. You have to write your essay in the following ways


Global warming has become a soaring crisis in the global environment. The effect of global warming is a long-term process but the effects can be noticed in a dramatic way since past couple of years. 

Global warming is associated with an increase in the earth’s temperature due to an increase in pollution. Increase in pollutants like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide have been the major cause of air pollution. These pollutants go to the upper atmosphere and cause harm to the layer of ozone. The layer of ozone protects the earth’s environment from the harmful rays of the sun. 

Ozone is the only layer that also protects the earth from the excessive temperature of the sun’s harmful rays. Thus depletion in this layer leads to an increase in the earth’s temperature and eventually causes a major climate change all over the earth. 

As you can see in the above example, it is not that difficult to write a 500-word essay but it should not be taken for granted. It is very easy to judge the quality of this essay since the content is very less. Therefore, you should know a good knowledge of the topic that you will be discussing in the essay. The difference between a 500-word essay and a 1000-word essay is that you won’t be required to cite sources in small length essays. Whereas in 1000-word essay allows you to cite sources and present them at the end of your essay. Therefore, it is important to have access to a complete referencing guide that could help you to format your paper with different referencing styles. 

Plus lengthier essays also allows you to be more creative and expressive about the subject. You get to explain more about the thesis in your essay. Apart from all these aspects, you should keep the same mentality with a 500-word essay as you have for other forms of writing. 

There are a few tips that you can consider before you start writing. It will allow you to produce a very good essay and thus, your professor will score well to your essay. 

Tips for Writing Short Essays

  • First thing is that you should give yourself enough time to think about the thesis. Grab all the information that you would need to write the essay. Then simply write all the thoughts and points that click in your mind. 
  • Then, you use the second day to freshly revise the contents and look for any editing or corrections in your paper. Do not think about the length of the essay in the beginning. Just simply write the statements. Once you have written paper, you can then abstract the major points to serve a composite content. 
  • There are many essay writing services that can help you in getting a clear idea about the essay. You can simply order an essay or get samples from them. You can know the traditional ways to write an essay. Make sure, you get yourself a good essay writing service to make certain of the quality. Most of the assignment writing services promise to provide good essays but the end story is somewhat different. There are paid samples and free samples. Paid samples are much better to refer as they are written legitimately by the professionals. These essays can serve as a viable prototype for your essay. 
  • Finally, you should have good writing skills anyhow. No matter, how many samples you go through, still you have to have skills like critical thinking and analysis. You should be good learner and observer to grab the important information and process them in your mind. These things will help you to write not only essays but all forms of academic writing. 

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