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How to write a Thesis

The perfect guide to writing a compelling thesis 

Writing a doctoral thesis is based on the culmination of years of research work which can be a daunting task. To write a thesis statement, one has to think of themselves as a lawyer. As if you are presenting an opening statement.

A strong thesis statement of an essay is not just a simple “yes” or “no”. The main idea is to diversify the whole topic in every manner. So that it forms an engaging opinion on the reader’s mind. The very first thing the audience will read in your thesis is its thesis statement. Even if all of us don’t do it consciously-but our mind is adjusted in a typical manner. We look for a one-two sentence condensation of analysis or argument which is to further follow.

We refer these set of condensation as the thesis statement.  Thesis statements are crucial as they test your main idea by distilling into a sentence or two. It is better to take assistance from online assignment helpers. They can help you to get a strong grip on the concepts of writing a strong thesis. It tries to develop and organize an efficient argument. It helps to provide your audience with a guide to your argument. 

How to pick a good thesis statement 

Almost all assignments, case studies, reports, no matter how complicated can be reduced to a single question. It’s suggested to provide a thesis early in your essay. The objective is to establish the author’s position/take on a particular matter. Such way it can give a certain sense of direction to the audience and make a good thesis. If you want to write an engaging thesis, make sure you don’t do certain obvious mistakes:

  • You should avoid burying a compelling thesis statement in the middle or last in the paper. It kills the whole purpose of the statement. 
  • Be as specific and as clear as possible: it’s not ethical to use vague words in your thesis statement. 
  • Indicate the main point of your thesis. Also, avoid sentences such as “the main point of my thesis is” which can make the whole statement sluggish. 
  • Subordinate conjunction such as “through,” “since,” “although” and “because” to form a relationship between two contexts. 
How to Write a Thesis.

The basic steps to construct a thesis

Analyzing and finding credible resources

Look what the professor expects from you. Whether he is looking for interest, tension, ambiguity, controversy or complication in your thesis. The next step is to find relevance and credible resources from a number of educational and government websites.

There are commercial websites but those are more concerned towards earning a profit rather than providing reliable information. It’s a time-consuming task, but researching every aspect of your topic is critical to write a thesis.

You can, however, take help from paid study resources such as Britannica, Scribd, which can help you with fact-gathering. This may sound tricky to students sometimes. You will have access to billion of prior published papers, books and study archives. 

Use the brainstorming technique

Often students are stuck in discovering new ideas write a thesis. They can use some techniques for brainstorming. So, we will share two different techniques to brainstorm ideas. First, you should jot down the series of ideas on paper. Without stopping and giving any importance to structure and grammar.

The other technique is to mind mapping which quickly charts all the ideas in a logical grouping. Even if they are written in a non-sequential manner.  While it’s impossible to outline all ideas in a traditional and linear format. But the author can determine the relevance in the whole context. That should be closely monitored you write a thesis.

Keep the thesis subject effective in your introduction

The standard and apt place to develop a thesis are at the end of the introductory paragraph. Especially in a shorter thesis. You should make your introductory paragraph prominent. Plus, make use of bold vocabulary and pay more attention to the last sentence of your introductory paragraph. 

It’s generic to show counter-arguments

First, you have to cite your opinion about the whole issue. Then you should think about what arguments can be anticipated against it. It gives a bigger picture to the audience. This will certainly help you refine your argument later in conclusion. You have to complete your thesis with the help of counter agreements. That will strengthen the argument as shown below in a sentence

Review of the literature

The aim of the study should advise some theoretical framework which needs to be explained further in the chapter. The literature review thus analyzes and describes prior research done in the same field of study. It’s very crucial to determine the findings. The determination further lead the thesis direction to a hypothesis or research question. You need to identify the replication. Also, you should have an intense analogy prior to the needed research.

Explain the methodology

The methodology of your dissertation or thesis implies and justifies the technique used for data gathering. Hence, Some case studies demand surveying and observations. So, it’s critical how author coding the data and explain the audience description of data analysis. The identification of categories and themes depicted in the prior research and historical archive creates a compelling methodology. 

Finishing and coming at a conclusion

The conclusion is the very end of the dissertation/thesis and its main aim is to: 

  • Summarize the reflection on the research paper. 
  • Clearly, state the opinions of the author about the main thesis statement. 
  • Depict what the new research has contributed to the field of study. 
  • Make a suggestion for future research options on a particular topic. 

Once you have finished writing your conclusion, it’s time to wrap up the thesis with a conclusion. 

The audience must have a good impression of your thesis. They should have a positive opinion. Plus, Try to discuss how the findings of your observation have challenged or confirmed the existing hypothesis or assumption. Just like project management assignments are associated with providing resolutions for a particular firm. Every particular thesis is produced in the intention to serve a particular audience too.

It’s, however, a good idea to mention the abstract and bibliography next to cite all your resources. You can use the latest tools of Microsoft Office’s reference and bibliography. You need to ensure the preference of reference style with your professor. Most of the research paper follows the major reference style. That are MLA, APA, Harvard and Chicago (A or B). Once you have finished attending the appendices for your abstract, you can create a title page and table of contacts. 


Finally, give a review of the whole argument again and read through the whole document again. It will ensure that your thesis is free from language, grammar and structural errors. You can use the help from external resources such as MakeMyAssignment proofreading editor service. Our editing team follows a tri-step modal to analyze, review and edit the document. They make sure to free the document from any potential errors. They can also write a thesis for you for an affordable cost. The pricing to write your research paper is minimal, $9/page for a week’s deadline. 

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