Referencing Guide

Today, you will be going through a brief and satisfactory guide that will help you to learn the fundamentals of using different referencing styles used in academics. You will also be provided with the online assignment help sources that can help you in producing the assignments with proper referencing style. These tips will help you in formatting the referencing styles for project management assignment and accounting assignments as well.

AGLC Referencing 

First, we will be discussing the AGLC referencing style. It is the citation style that was created in Australia especially for legal citation. The full form of this acronym is Australian Guide To Legal Citation 4 version. There are a few things that you would mainly be considering while using the AGLC referencing style. 

It is also considered a footnote citation. The footnotes are generally written at the bottom of each page. It is written right after the punctuation. You should also pinpoint the reference at the end of the footnotes to describe any pages, paragraphs or section of your paper. 

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The format of styling differs based on the type of source you have used. They are mentioned as follows

Primary Sources


Short Title of the Act Year (Jurisdiction) Pinpoint. 

Cases - Reported Judgements

Case name [(Year)] Volume Report Series Abbreviation Starting Page, Pinpoint. 

Unreported Judgement/Medium neutral citation

Case name [Year] Unique Court Identifier Judgement Number [Pinpoint].

Secondary Sources


Author’s First Name or Initial(s), Surname, Title of book, (Publisher, Edition, Year) Pinpoint.

Journal Article

Author’s First Name Surname, ‘Title of article’ ({Year}) Volume (Issue) Journal Name Starting page, Pinpoint. 

Legal Encyclopedia

Publisher, Title of Encyclopedia, Volume Number (at Full Date) Title Number Name of Title, ‘Chapter Number Name of Chapter’ [Paragraph]

Looseleaf Service

Publisher, Title, Volume Number (at most recent service number for that pinpoint) Pinpoint. 

Internet sources or materials

Author’s first name Surname, Document title (Full date) Website name.

All the above are the formats need to be followed for each source citation. You will learn more about the in-depth knowledge of these citations and their reasons. 

Reference List

Most likely, your professor might ask you to write a bibliography at the end of your paper. You should know it is the list of the sources. The sources as such not only the statements and footnotes that you add at the end of each page but also a little explanation about the sources. 

Always know that all your sources must be sorted in an alphabetical manner. There is a special recommendation followed in ADLC referencing norms. You must divide your bibliography into divisions as it becomes easier for the reader to recognize and understand the citations much better.

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APA Referencing

APA is the most widely used referencing format in-text reference. It is mostly in the format (author, date). You should also mention page number while you are quoting the text. It is not always mandatory to mention the page numbers but it would be better if you keep the practice of it more often. If you are referring to complete work such as a whole journal or case study and it is going to contemplate the whole thesis or topic, you probably won’t need it. 

Referencing an Idea 

Statement (Author name, Date)


Author name (Date) Statement

Referencing a quotation

It should be passively described and phrase should be within double-quotation - “Statement” (Author name, Date, Pinpoint). 

Citing a source within a source

There are some instances when your source itself has been cited from another source. It should be written as follows

(Author Name, as cited in Author Name, Date, Pinpoint) 

Reference List 

The referencing list, when written in APA style, should be sorted in an alphabetical manner. Then followed by the year of publication. The format should strictly be followed as the below formats. Illustrating the DOI is a primary objective that needs to adhere properly. It is the digital object identifier that can be used to locate the document straight to its origin. 

In-text referencing should be included - (Author Name, Year Of Publication, Page or Paragraph number of your quote)

Journal Article

The absolute referencing style of a journal article in APA is described as follows

Author Name, Author’s Initial (Year of publication). Article Name or Title. Title of the journal (Italics). The volume of the journal (Italics). Issue of the journal (Numbered Italics). Page range of the article. DOI.


The referencing style format of a book in APA is described as follows

Author Name, Author Initial. (Year of publication). Title of the book (Italics). (Edition Number). Place of publication, Publisher. 

Book Chapter

The book chapter referencing style format of a book chapter should be written as follows

Author Name, Author Initial. (Year of publication), Title of chapter, Editors, Title of the book (Italics), Page number range of the chapter, Place of publication, Publisher Name.

A webpage with an author

The referencing is done in the following manner

Author Name, Author Initial. (Year, Month Date of publication). Article title. Retrieved from URL

A Website without an author

The referencing is done in the following manner

Article Title. (Year, Month Date of publication). Retrieved from URL

Newspaper Article

The referencing style format of a newspaper article in APA should be as follows

Author Name, Author Initial. (Year, Month Date of publication). Article Title. Newspaper Title (Italics). Page Number. 

Government Publication

The APA referencing style format for a government publication should be written as follows. 

The name of the government department (Year of publication). Document Title. Place of publication.

If the publication is an electronic version or online date, then it should be written as follows

The name of the government department (Year of publication). Document Title (The publication number). Retrieved from URL

Organizational or Industrial Reports

The report could be based on several factors. It could be an annual report or accounting paper. The formatting style of such reports in APA should be as follows

Author Name or Company Name. (Year of Publication). Title of the report. Retrieved from URL

P.S Mostly preferably you should seek the author’s name instead, but if it is not available, the company’s name should be written

Title of the report mostly includes the year for which the report was made. You should mention it as well. 

Harvard Referencing

Harvard referencing style format is another most widely used style format after APA. The conventions used in Harvard referencing is a lot similar to the APA. Although, there are little differences in it. It is also considered the most comprehensible styling formats for many readers. 

Referencing an idea

Statement (Author Name Year of publication, page number).


Author Name (Year of publication, Page Number) Statement. 

Referencing a quotation

The phrase should be described in a passive voice and therefore, the main phrase should be written within a “double quotation”. 

Citing a source within a source

There are many instances where you will find the source is affiliated to another source. In those cases, you will have to mention both the sources distinctly. 

(Author Name Year of publication, cited in Author Name Year of publication, Page Number)

Only the primary source name will be described in the reference list. It will be mentioned in the final segment of your paper or assignment. 

Reference List

Just like any other referencing style format, the reference list of Harvard style formats should be sorted in an alphabetical manner. Then it is followed by the year of publication and so on. The reference style citation is written in certain formats for different sources. They are as follows


The book referencing in Harvard style format is done as follows

Author Name, Author Initial Year of publication, The title (In Italics), The edition, the Name of the publisher, The place of publication. 

Book Chapter

The book chapter referencing in Harvard style should be written as follows

Author Name, Author Initial (Year of publication). Title of the chapter or section (In single quotation marks), in Author or Editor of the book (the title of the book in italics) Place of publication: Publisher, Page Range Number. 

Journal Article

The journal article cited in Harvard referencing style should be formatted in the following manner

Author Name, Author Initial Year of publication of the article. ‘The title of the article in single inverted commas’, the title of the journal in italics, Volume of the journal, Issued number of the journal, Page number range of the article. 

Website Page

There are similar instances that can occur while referring to the online web pages that could have authors and don’t have authors. 

Web Page with authors should be formatted in the following manner

Author Name, Author Initial Year of publication, Title of the page in italics, Publisher, the viewed date, Retrieved from .

PS The publisher and the author are the same in most cases but there could be a possibility of a corporate author. If the name of the corporate author is available then you should mention it or otherwise, the name of the author in the place of publisher would suffice. 

If there is no author to the website page, you can simply use the company name instead of author name and the rest of the format will remain the same. 

Newspaper Article Referencing

The newspaper article referencing in Harvard style should be written in the following manner

Author Name, Author Initial. (Year of publication) ‘Title of the article’ Title of the newspaper in italics, (The edition). Day and Month, Page range number. 

Government Publication

The publications done by the government can be referenced in Harvard style in the following manner

Name of the department of government. (Year of publication). Title of the publication in italics. Place of publication: Publisher (Page number). 

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