Constructive way to spend College Break

College students are young and vulnerable to get into something illegal and immoral things for earning money and spending college break. But, if you don’t want to be in trouble and face any criminal offence in the future so it’s better not to go for illegal things at first place. Here is list of many things that can help students earn few bucks and spend quality break.

Enjoy holidays and take a break from study
Tips to Enjoy Holiday.

1. Pocket-Friendly Vacations with friends
It is one of the most fun loving way to spend your vacations. Just need to select a destination with cheap tickets and accommodation. Gather your group of friends, book tickets and ready to rock n roll. You would be exploring new places, food and culture.

2. Fun in Amusement Park
Amusement part has always attracted younger generation from ages. Everybody became a small child and forgot about all tensions after entering into the Amusement Park. Just visit your favourite amusement park and surprise yourself.

3. Give back to Society
Society has given so many opportunities to us so its time to give them back. Students can join NGO like orphanage, old age home or animal welfare association. You won’t be earning any money from it, but you will be earning the respect.

4. Start a business
Students have energy and courage to start an online business because it’s easy and cheap. There are many small online businesses which can be opened easily like selling stuff on eBay after buying stuff from your friends.

5. Play like rockstar
Go and challenge yourself with outdoor games like basketball, skiing, water sports, baseball, football. You will feel relaxed and enjoy it.

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Being Positive is a way to Success

Being positive is a notion of considering things positively and then reacting on those with full enthusiasm. We have read in several literature about the importance of positive thinking and its importance but its real meaning is often misunderstood by people. They consider it being happy and smiling always which is not at all correct. People think if they are smiling and satisfied with the happening of their lives, they are positive towards them. But being positive actually refers a preference, a commitment, a way of life where we try to find out positive things in all types of situations and accepting our defeat also with positive attitude.

positive thinking is the key to success
Positive thinking can do wonders and strive for the best


What is positive attitude?

It is an art of seeing things with positive attitude. An important point associated with being positive is that to become positive towards situation can be easy when things are going smoothly and straightforward and there are not complications in our life. But it becomes tougher when life throws up challenges, difficulties and makes life with full of tragedies, these are the situation when positive approach is truly examined. It can be said that positive thinking is a mixture of mental and emotional stability that compel us to see the brighter side of things and expecting positive results from it.

Advantages of Positive Attitude

There are different advantageous associated with applying positive behavior in our live. Positive thinker lives longer than those who hold negative though in their lives.  Positive work environments outperform negative working environment and it also helps a lot in people’s academic lives. People who regularly express positive emotions in all the activities of their lives are more resilient when facing stress, challenges and adversity. Positive people are capable in maintaining a broader viewpoint and see the big picture that help them in finding out the correct solutions on events on the other hand people with negative approach hold a narrower perspective and tend to focus on problems. One more aspect associated with the negative thinker is that they have escapist’s attitude towards things on contrary positive thinker charge on things calmly.  Positive thoughts and emotions counter the negative effects of stress as one cannot be thankful and stressed out at the similar situations.

Leave a great life with positive approach

An individual who follows the positive approach anticipates happiness, health and success, and hold the thought that he can handle any situation with an ease and overcome the coming complexities in life with a positive attitude. Although it sounds simple but in reality it is very tough for people to accept it and implement positive thinking in their lives because at some places they felt discouraged with negative things or sometimes they go through weird situation that make them weak in terms of maintaining a positive behavior. Positive thinking cannot be easily accepted by people in their lives but when they will realize its importance, they will surely admit that it is a way to become successful in their lives. If a person consider things, act on them, implement them and analyze things positively then he can never be unsatisfied with the things he has. We are born with the mentality that life has two sides positive and negative and it’s your own wish to choose one from them, it would surely be the positive aspects. Thus it can be seen clearly that positive thinking offers us a new and fresh way of looking at things and reacting on them positively. If this would be implemented in our lives then people will not have to face any sort frustration or stress in their life because they are already prepared for them, in this way positive thinking is surely a path of success in our lives. Although some people consider it as nonsense, and scoff at people who follow it, but there is a growing number of people, who accept positive thinking as a fact, and believe in its effectiveness.

Five tips that helps you submit assignment before the deadline

5 Definitive Tips to Address Missing Homework

Teachers think that making assignment is one of the most convenient way to exercise the brains of their students which is somehow true. So they always give homework for each subject and also add marks of those assignments. In order to score marks students take the headache of this task. But there are some unfair situations for which they cannot complete their assignments. Causes for not completing the assignments are very common like lack of materials, parental obligations, limited recall and just forgot, etc. These are likely to interrupt your daily plannings.

Assignment writing deadline
Useful tips that you can use in avoiding problems with the deadline

Nowadays every problem has a definitive solution. So don’t take the headache of red zeros in your grade book squares. I am going to give five sure short problems and tips which will aid you to overcome the problems of missing homework.

  1. Implementation of break time or recess assignment club

Most of the schools have implemented this strategy and got a huge success. If any student who has missed the homework, then there will be a fixed time when all the students gather and the main focus will be to complete the task. For that they can have their lunch first and then complete their tasks by replacing the traditional recess break.

  1. Keep a phone and call students from the classroom

This is a very authentic idea for a teacher to help the students in their missing homework. Never wait until a student has missed assignments of a week before trying this approach. Every teacher can have a phone in the classroom, which is often one of the best and most convenient ways to get students to take more liability for their work. Alert them in advance by writing something for them which can be accessed by Smartphones.

  1. Homework Contracts with the Children and Parent

When you came to know that your children are lying about their assignments by saying that they have completed their tasks successfully, you will definitely get frustrated. Start from the scratch to develop the responsibility of your children. Spend some time with your kids and try to know about their education. Create a reciprocal pleasurable agreement between with them and make sure to comprise some sort of encouragement for your kids and punishment too.

  1. Check whether students write in a Missing Homework Journal

Never miss the assignment to complete it properly. If you are missing anything, then it is important to note it down. For a teacher, he or she must be check the work of students and document the missing assignments of students. Segregate the page into columns and named them as: date, student name, assignment name, date due, reason missing. Conduct meetings, share the document with parents and take necessary actions to make them serious on their jobs.

  1. You can just Ask

Last but very important point is you need to ask your students simply. For example: what make them not to complete their homework, what is lacking in learning and teaching etc. So that a clear picture can be figured out. Every time not the mistake of students!

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Need of Employee Voice in the Workplace

An Introduction

A productive and efficient organization requires a competent workforce. To develop and maintain a skilled human resource, organizations need to focus on the employee participation in the decision making process of the company. The basis for promoting employee participation in the business operations is communication between the employees and the company.

Essay on employee voice
Importance of giving right to speak to employees at workplace has positive benefits

Give Freedom of Speech at work place and see positive impact

The presence of voice is very important for every organization and is beneficial for both the employers and the employees. Employee voice is an augmented approach of communication. When a business follows the employee voice policy it means that the organization values its employees, even at the time of decision making as the employees have a say in the working of the organization. The term voice in a workplace can be understood in two aspects, the first idea of voice represents the desire of people to be heard.

When people are allowed to speak out their ideas in the workplace about what they agree to or disagree instead of being pressurized for an undesirable work they give productive results. This does not make negative impacts on the productivity of the workplace. The second idea of voice is the behavior that confronts an existing situation or decision to enhance it. Voice also results when people give suggestions for modifying a present situation or decision into a better one. This aspect of voice represents the dedication and engagement of employees in the working of the company. This becomes beneficial for the organization as it brings creativity in the operations of the business.

Employee voice is often associated with high-performance workplaces. Employee voice enables sharing of influences between individuals that are hierarchically unequal. It represents the capability of individuals to influence the outcome of organizational decisions through their innovative ideas.  Employee voice not only provides opportunity to employees to speak out their ideas, but employers also have the chance of building relations with employees beyond the hierarchical level gap.

Besides developing employer and employee relationship, employee voice generates confidence in the minds of employees that they are being valued by the organization. While employee voice mechanism has become a vital element in most of the organizations globally, on the other hand the type and level of the mechanism differs from organization to organization. The level of employee voice is determined by the company so as to avoid excessive involvement of employees in the decision making of the business and any negative impacts of it.

Mechanism of Employee Voice

The mechanism of employee voice can be formal and informal. The formal type of employee voice is implemented through committees, group meetings, etc. The informal employee voice is executed through the managers’ open door policies such as suggestion boxes and staff meetings. These tools allow only one way communication, thus are considered to make less impact on the well-being of the employees. Therefore, communication which allows two-way communication, i.e. involves both the employers and the employees is more effective as both the parties are able to react to each other’s ideas and opinions. Such tools of communication include direct contact with senior managers, meetings with employers, etc. Although the employee voice is beneficial for both the employer as well as the employees still there are some factors that restrict the management of companies to implement employee voice.

From the perspective of the employees the hesitation of employees to interact with the seniors is an important factor that restricts employee voice mechanism. As far as the employers or the managers are concerned, some organizational managers do not prefer the interference of juniors in their decisions. This inflexibility in the attitude of managers does not allow employees voice. To be a successful business, management requires overcoming these barriers and implementing employee voice to bring productivity among the employees.

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Employee recognition essay for college students

How Employee recognition motivate employees?

Employee recognition is formal or informal acknowledgment of team’s or a person’s behavior that supports the values and objectives of the organization that is obviously beyond the expectations. The effectiveness of the job can be understood psychologically to approve others for their good work to apply employee recognition principles and to motivate others to begin the working relationships. Appreciation is the fundamental requirement of human. The employees respond to the appreciations they have fallen through recognition of the good performance in their work. If employees and their work are appreciated by the recognition, and it should increase the productivity and satisfaction of employees and they sustain and increase their performance through recognition.

Employee recognition essay writing
Advantages of Employee Recognition programs

Benefits for employees Recognition

The recognition is very important for the success of the organization. The employees want to be appreciated for their hard work and contribution for the organization. The employee recognition should have two aspects. The first aspects include the identification of various opportunities to direct them for hard work within the organization. It happens very frequently. The other aspect of employee recognition is the physical performance for doing something to appreciate employees for their good performance. Employee recognition is not a complete public relation activity that can be the channel within an organization. The PR manager can begin at their working area. The work could begin prudently without informing others about the changes and observing the outcome. The employees get motivated after receiving sincere thanks word that is more essential than any tangible things. The employees could get a benefit of recognition by written, personal. Public and electronic praises from those people who appreciate their work in the sincere way.

Employee recognition as a tool to increase productivity

The public relation professional get concerned for the employee recognition because they can use the principles of more impact on the working relationships and it has a large communication factor. The employees can be identified by their good performance at the workplace that provides a good message to the recipient by formal communication channel. Employee recognition is an effective tool for motivation employees. Employee recognition is not frequently increasing, but it is a normal thing to motivate employees. Although, the benefits should begin from the employee recognition. It is one of the ambiguities at the workplace of recognition that is done invariably. Managers require strengthening and training for employee recognition that is underrated technique for the motivation of the employees. The productivity has been increased with the recognition act for the increment in the desired behavior that increases the repetition of desired behavior and increase the productivity of the organization.

The resistant behavior supports the mission of the organization that is the key performance indicator. The employee satisfaction level increases by focusing on the job and less time on complaining. The employee recognition has provided the direct performance feedback of employees that should help in motivating the employees. The retention of valued employees’ has been increased that reduces the employee turnover. It reduces the negative effects into the organization that should results in stress and absenteeism of employees from their work. The regular recognition is an essential type of recognition. The recognition benefits the immediate and forceful motivation of desired behavior that provides employees with desired behavior that align with the organizational objectives. It provides opportunities to individuals and team to identify good work of employees that provides an opportunity to identify others and take initiative to do something.


Recognition is the key success factor at the higher level of management. The organization celebrates the success that is critical. The employee, who gives their best performance, must be easily identified. The behavior and outcome must be forced that has emphasized time to time and signifying as basic as it’s dishonored enough for an execution issue. The positive results will be responsible for the execution of the success of the organization and helps formulating strategy.

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make my accounting assignment

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Accounting assignment help
Get accounting assignment done from the best assignment writing faculty in the UK.

As we all know that the United Kingdom is a great destination in Europe for knowledge and education. It is very rich in finance and accounting education so most of the students in the UK and from outside also come to here for their higher studies. Here, you will get ample of opportunities in this field. If you want to empower your career in accountancy or finance, then this degree can overwhelm your path in the best ranked path. However, with the ample of opportunities one has to face many challenges. For example, accounting has various sub-branches , such as, managerial accounting, cost accounting, financial accounting and much more. Number of assignments related to these subjects can make it really hard for an individual to manage everything else. takes care of the problems that students face with their academics and provide fine accounting assignment writing help. Let us check what is accounting all about in the UK and how to get into the good universities. Moreover, what are the admission criteria.

Why you should choose accounting career? What are the opportunities in this field? Answers have been given below:

It is a golden chance to be a part of this career because in accountancy and finance, often people get very high salaries on the job market. Chartered accountants are very high and established professionals in the business world. You can select many career options in accountancy and finance like as a financial advisor, investment analyst, retail banker, and tax adviser. The broad nature of this field attracts many students to adopt it as their career.

As the UK is a very knowledge rich country, by studying accounting and finance at the universities of here will give you access to some of the best excellent education available. UK universities are constantly ranking in top 100 worldwide.

What are the entry requirements to get admission for Accounting and Finance in the UK?

To study this course at undergraduate level, you will need

  1. The corresponding of UK GSCE and A-level qualifications
  2. An IELTS score is required of no less than 5.5 across all four categories – reading, writing, speaking and listening while 6.0 is more appreciated

At postgraduate level, the things which are required:

  1. An undergraduate degree or corresponding degree
  2. An IELTS score of no less than 5.5 across all four categories like reading, writing, speaking, listening
  3. But 6.5 is more appreciated
  4. The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is not a compulsory condition for postgraduate studies, but it is considered as an advantage in some situations

Now the question is, which universities you should join? There are numerous colleges and universities in the UK. I am going to specify top 5 universities name below:

Top 5 universities in the UK

  1. London School of Economics and Political Science.
  2. University of Warwick.
  3. University of Strathclyde.
  4. University of Glasgow.
  5. University of Exeter.

There are other educational institutes are there. You have to choose one of them carefully.

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