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Essay writing is the basis of all forms of writing. Are you trying to figure out how to write an essay with perfection? If yes, then go through this article. It has all the information you need to draft a striking essay. Before you write an essay, you should know the purpose of the essay. Only then you will be able to construct the essay in perfect order. There are some online assignment helpers that can help you in getting a better practical knowledge through online. No matter what is the type of your essay, you should have the basic knowledge to write one and this article will serve the purpose. So, without any further ado, let’s read the easiest way to draft a perfect essay:

Pick a Suitable Topic

Your efforts will start from the stage where you will need to select the topic. If you have already assigned a topic you can skip to the next point. If not, then you will need to work a little more. However, it is a good thing as you can choose something which interests you.
Before choosing a topic to think whether you want to persuade or inform readers? After this do research. Evaluate the selected options. Finalize the most intriguing topic as per the nature of your essay.

Draw an Outline

This is the stage where you can organize your opinion and thoughts. Jot down everything you have in your head and all the information you have gathered. Try to establish connections and links. This will give you a clear picture of how to write an essay.

You can start by writing the topic. After this draw some branches and write major ideas at the end. Continue this process by adding more relevant ideas until you finish noting every thought on that essay.

Write a Thesis Statement

Creating a thesis statement is important. It shows your reader about the main point of the essay. To address the main ideas go back to the outline you draw.

Generally, a thesis statement has two parts. The first one explains the main topic and the second one explain the main point of your essay.

Writing the Body Paragraph

The main body of an essay presents an argument. It explains the main topic. This is where you will have to describe all the main ideas of your essay. It is important to essay writing.
All the paragraphs of this section will contain a basic structure. Keep them in sync. You can start by writing one major argument as an introductory sentence. After this, you should write supporting facts or ideas.

Write an Introduction

By now you already know about developing a thesis and main body. However, there is still a very important part of an essay which needs your attention, the introduction. Always make sure that you put an attention-grabbing sentence at the beginning of your introduction. Also, it should connect with your thesis statement and provide a short and simple summary of the topic.

Drawing Conclusion

The conclusion of your essay should be informative. It is written to bring closure of the essay and sum up the overall opinion along with providing a final perspective on the main topic. Make sure that you write four to five strong points. For a better understanding, you can go for expert assistance. They will help you in drafting an essay easily.

Now you know how to write an essay broadly. In case you want a detailed overview of specific parts of an essay, then you can stay here for a while. Just keep on writing and you will get detailed instructions on.

  • Try to make it broad, but not too lengthy

The first thing you really need to know about how to write an essay introduction is to give a broader perspective to readers. However, make sure you are not making it unnecessarily lengthy. This paragraph must not confuse the readers. In the starting, you can go wordy but narrow down to the thesis. Always stay connected to the topic.

  • Start with explaining a relevant background

In your introduction, you can give a slight context to your essay. But the real content of the main argument must be in the body of the essay. You can stay away from providing the main information in the introduction by answering some questions, like:

  • Does it providers context to readers

The overall motive of an introduction is to introduce the essay to readers. While writing it, make sure that it is helping your readers to know what an essay is all about. It should explain the main argument of your essay in a brief manner.

  • Give the required information

We all try to make our writing interesting. Anecdotes work really well to bring interesting elements. You can use them too, but make sure that they are relevant. They can surely be a nice opener to your introduction. But, if you are using them in a vague manner they will do no good to you.

  • Write freely, don’t be nervous

For beginners or even for pro writers, it can be tough to gather information to write an introduction. It is not an easy task to figure out whether the information is relevant or not. Plus, you have to be precise.

However, you should never let these factors pressurize you. Just try to to make your writer’s block strong while making an introduction. Be confident and you will surely come up with striking content. If it is being too tough to write an introduction first, you can also skip. Sometimes it is easy to write it after completing the body paragraph. It’s up to you how to write an essay to make it perfect.

How to Write an Essay

Planning the essay

In order to write a write an essay plan you should follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Decide how to conduct research

The first thing you really need to focus it at finding the way to research. Figure out the key texts for the main subject of the essay. Note down the references from all pieces. If you are a student, don’t forget to arrange your in-text quotes and reference list as per the referencing style advised by your professor.

  • Finalize a structure for your essay

For writing the main body of your essay you should try to allocate the evidence and arguments for each paragraph. List down the main arguments in a row along with their supporting ideas. You will have to ensure that every following para connects back to the earlier one.

  • Think about concluding your essay

I have seen students repeating the introduction in conclusion. Trust me, it is a blunder. If you are also doing similar things, stop and think for a while. Planning a conclusion is as needful as the main body itself. If we only had to copy the introduction then why would it be needed as a separate section? Would not it be easier to just skip this part if it would be enough to repeat the introduction?

  • Don’t forget to prepare a bibliography

Most often beginners don’t pay attention to this part. However, a bibliography is as vital as any other part of essay writing. Make sure you at least begin your bibliography at the planning stage itself.

  • How to write a conclusion for an essay?

In the last and final paragraph part of your essay, you must put a little more efforts. If you want you can visit some essay-appropriate sites such as Udemy, or Owlcation. There you can get access to a wide range of essay conclusions. Have a look at them and you will find a compelling conclusion:

Connects back to the main “hook” of your essay
Relates the closing statement to the opening statement
Summarizes all the main arguments in other words
Reviews each and every supporting idea briefly
Explains the thesis statement


Most of the students are in search of the best essay writers but apart from that most frequently they search the answers for the questions that are mentioned below.

How to write an Introduction?

Before starting to write an introduction for an essay have a clear picture in your mind. This section focuses on expressing your readers on what they should expect from your essay. Start with being broad and then narrow it down. There is only one thing that you should stick to the topic.

The paragraph of introduction must involve the thesis statement. Remember, your introductory paragraph is a type of mini-outline for the main essay. It shows your readers what all your essay contains. Make sure that by the end of the introduction you mention a transitional “hook” to moves readers toward the body of the essay.

How to write a conclusion for an essay?

In this section, you have to conclude everything you explained in your essay writing. You can start by restating the thesis. By doing so it will make the same point. Also, don’t forget to mention a short review of your supporting ideas. Try to summarize all the main arguments by paraphrasing the thesis. A conclusion must get back to the main hook.

How to write an essay plan?

When it comes to essay writing. Before you make the plan, make sure that you study the essay question with intent. You must write the main essay question. For doing so, you can spend some time brainstorming the main subject of your essay. Maybe an hour or two, invest as much time as you can.

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