How to write an Essay

The essays are written widely in schools and colleges. It is a short piece of academic writing that is mostly intended with the writer’s opinions and perception. It could be seen in the methods of many online assignment helpers. It is written in a synonymous manner. If it has to be based on an original paper then it has to have the same context of meaning and intention. Then you share your opinion and perspective based on the existing paper. There are many forms of essay writing. 

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  1. Narrative Essays
  2. Descriptive Essays
  3. Expository Essays
  4. Persuasive Essays

Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is an interesting form of essay writing. It is more like narrating a story or event. The length of the essay varies from short essays like 500-Word essay and go up to lengthy essays as well. The priority is that you should have good writing skills that could keep the readers engaged in reading your paper. You should keep it interesting. You can prefer any genre for writing except that it should intuitiveness and curiosity in the essay. The best way to please the reader’s mind is to keep it a little theatrical and the writing must insist the readers make their own perception out of it. 

Descriptive Essay

The type of essay is slightly different from the narrative essay. The difference is that you don’t have to create any suspicion to keep the reader engaged. Any event, object or memory that is being discussed in the writing should be straight-forward and descriptive. You should also make sure that it is not just about describing the things just the way they are. Otherwise, it would look more like report writing. The purpose is to use a special technique of describing the things that can grab the attention of the reader. That is why it is mostly written to target a specific audience only. 

Expository Essay

The Expository essays are mostly preferred in colleges and many professional firms. The type of essay is mostly based on explaining some specific topic or subject. It forms of writing demands to the writer to have absolute knowledge about the subject or topic that they are writing upon. That calls for extensive research and deep study. As there are no rooms for exceptions, the writer has to be very accurate with the facts and figures being shared. The type of writing mostly includes statistics, tables and other forms of figures. 

Persuasive Essay

It is a type of essay that mainly focus on convincing the readers towards a proposal, subject or any entity. The kind of writing is also used for dissertation proposals as well. The writer puts effort to emphasize the significance of certain argument, theory, ideology or any issue that is prevailing currently. The persuasive essay can only be successful if you have enough evidence to support your thesis. Then you have to persuade the reader through your writing. It is pretty challenging as you have to be juggling between different expectations and possible arguments of different readers. The main goal is to make the essay as convincing as possible. 

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Pointers to write a compelling essay

There are certain things that you need to consider before you start writing. You have to plan everything ahead. If you are just a sophomore who struggles while writing or you may not have enough skills to conduct the paper, then it is highly recommended to follow a number of steps to ensure a seamless quality of your essay paper. 

  • Judging the type of essay
  • Analysis of topic
  • Conduct Research
  • Thesis Statement
  • Outline
  • Write up
  • Editing

You might wonder if it is a long list of pointers to be followed yet it is just an essay. All these pointers are listed to make sure that your essay is a successful one. It will get many appreciations from your readers and professor as well. 

Judging the type of essay

Before you start with anything, you should confirm the genre of your essay. It could be a narrative, descriptive, persuasive or expository. Depending on the type you will have to set your approach. The research for the essay depends on that too. 

If it is a narrative essay, make sure you brush up your skills in a little poetic and theatrical manner. Plus you have to gather some ideas on how you are going to write to grab the attention of your readers.

Descriptive essay writing requires you to be a good observer. You will be addressing an event or topic so make sure you have studied all the aspects of that particular scenario. Make sure, the presentation of the essay is done in a very professional and organized manner. 

A persuasive essay could be a little challenging as it mainly tests your writing skills. You have to anticipate the perspectives of the readers and must conclude what kind of statements can help in persuading the readers successfully. The methods that are used in your writing should be able to convince all kinds of readers therefore it should have a universal approach. 

An expository essay requires a deep study. Make sure you conduct extensive research to gather as much information as you can. All the statements and theories should be supported by enough evidence. You can also use some tools to manipulate your data to create informative statistics. You should keep your tone light so that readers can feel easier in understanding the concepts and statements. 

There are sub-categories in these essays. Whether it be an argumentative essay, compare and contrast essay or problem-solution essay. Your content will be appreciated only if you have enough evidence to show. Only then you will be able to draw conclusions and solutions based on the facts and figures that you have consolidated. 

Analyse the topic

You can’t hope to write a compelling essay if you have not studied the topic or subject thoroughly in the first place. Therefore, you should have a good idea and a clear perspective on the given topic. You should try writing everything that clicks on your mind when it comes to the particular topic that you have been asked to write upon. Narrow down all the aspects associated with the particular topic. 

Then you should map all the aspects of the topic to create a new idea or theory. Based on that you will be able to conduct research that could help you in answering the theme problem. Analysing the topic is an efficient way of creating a connection between your thoughts and ideas. It is also useful in contemplating the direction of the contents of the essay. 

Conduct the research

No matter what type of essay you are writing, research has to be done with the same amount of effort in all cases. It is just that you have to slightly adjust your approach of conducting the research. You can refer to some of the books from the library and published online books. Keep a record of all the methods used to research and also bifurcate them on the basis of content. It helps you in keeping things organized and also helps in citing the sources later. 


Now that you have all the materials and sources to start writing, you can start writing your essay but before that, it is advised to create an outline. Outline the structure of the essay. You should plan well in presenting the contents. Synchronising and organizing the contents are the best ways to keep the essay organized and it also helps the user to navigate the contents must easily. There are mainly 3 elements in the structure of an essay. The introduction, body paragraph and conclusion. 

Introduction by name it suggests that you have to introduce a brief explanation about the topic and a little insight into the purpose of your essay. Do not go on explaining the thesis. You just have to provide the definition and agenda of the essay. The reader must be able to judge the direction of the essay and set up their expectations right. 

The body paragraph is the main piece of the essay where you have to explain everything that you wish to convey to the readers. In conclusion, you have to share your opinions and learning outcomes gathered from the research. 

Write up

You can now start writing the essay. There are a few things that you need to consider while writing. You have to keep the tone professional and light. Avoid using complex vocabulary. Most students usually do the mistake of using complex words to make the paper look more professional. You might lose the confidence of the readers by doing so. Content is appreciated when it is easier to comprehend. It keeps the reader engaged in reading. On top of that, you should make sure that you have explained all the statements clearly. If you suspect that some of the points need to be explained more then you should. 


Finally, you should revise the solution and check for grammar mistakes and sentence formations. Make sure each and every statement says exactly what you intend to convey. It should mean different in anyways. Take a little help from your professor to proofread the content and check the corrections to be made if there are any. 

You can also ask your professor to provide some pointers to make the content better. The main purpose is to put a good impression on the reader’s mind. 

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