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How to write a Dissertation Proposal

What is a dissertation proposal?

You might get overwhelmed with the idea of writing a dissertation proposal. Most of the students get nervous when they ask to submit a dissertation proposal. The reason being they don’t know how to write a dissertation proposal. First of all, it is imperative to understand what is a dissertation proposal.

Let us try to understand the dissertation proposal by definition. A dissertation proposal is an academic work that has to be delivered before submitting the dissertation. It tells the reader about your research work in brief. This piece of academic writing describes your research in three ways what, why and how. In the dissertation proposal, you have to write

  • What you will investigate in the research paper.
  • Why it is important to investigate.
  • How you will be performing the research.
  • These three things need to be mentioned in a brief manner in your document.
  • Now, get back to the main point, how to write a dissertation research proposal. In this article, you will read step by step process for a perfect it.

Importance of Dissertation Proposal

A dissertation proposal is crucial for students. It prepares you for the writing process. The determined intention will also help in setting the tone of your dissertation. If there will be any changes, your supervisor will let you know about it. Therefore, you can make changes in it later on before writing the actual dissertation. It is always advised to take assistance from online assignment helpers that can produce a first-class dissertation for you. You will get a better analysis of how to write a compelling dissertation from them. Your supervisor will guide you in a better way if you plan out visits. He or she will surely provide some amendments to the paper that will help you in the dissertation.

  • Know what to write in a dissertation
  • The first thing in your writing is to know what you have to include in it. See below,
  • Dissertation title introduction: Your paper includes the title of your dissertation. Provide a short and crisp title for your dissertation. The introduction part will also present the main research questions and literature background and related issues.
How to write a Dissertation Proposal

Dissertation Methodology

The methodology of a dissertation represents the sources from which you collect the information and type of data you collect for it. You have to tell whether you go for qualitative research or quantitative research. The methodology also explains the steps you will take to analyse the data.

Key Objectives

The second thing to mention in a paper is your objectives of the dissertation. Even when you are producing a project management assignment, you have to envision the objective of the project. Similarly, you have to have a clear idea of the main objective of the dissertation as well. Your dissertation should have three objectives. If your objectives are more than three then you need to cut them. An ideal dissertation should have two or maximum three objectives. More objectives lead to a broader area of research and you may get distracted from the main idea of the dissertation.

Literature Review

In the literature review, you have to mention the list of books and materials you will be using for the research purpose. You have to put a little extra effort into writing the literature review section as it is considered one of the most important sections of the dissertation. In this section, you can provide the details of the additional material and previous scholastic papers. This area will provide an elaborate description of the background as well. Students can also demonstrate how they will connect their research with other scholastic works.

Write up – Dissertation Proposal

Now you have gone through with the information you need to mention in the document. Next step is to start writing it. Never begin writing directly. Rather make a rough draft and include the below-mentioned things in it.

Interrogative Analysis

You can write a dissertation proposal by keeping some questions as a base. Revolve your proposal around those questions. Following types of questions, one can use while writing a paper.

  • What are the problems you are dealing with in your dissertation?
  • Why the problem is a problem?
  • What makes you address the problem in your dissertation?
  • How are you going to find the answers to the problem?
  • What are the sources you will use for finding the answers to the problem?

Be specific with questions. You need to select sensible questions for your dissertation otherwise it may fail to impress the committee and research community.

Make a Conceptual Framework

Provide a conceptual framework for your paper. Define all the terms you have used in the dissertation. Along with that, provide a detailed explanation of your methodology. Tell your audience what are you going to do in your dissertation and what will be your approach. Provide a list of evidence and explanation of your argument.

Detect Loopholes and Gaps

Provide a description of all the strengths and weaknesses of the research papers that are already present on your topic. In the literature review, you will get the opportunity to highlight the gaps in the existing research.

Finalizing the Dissertation Proposal

After completing the rough draft of the dissertation. It is time to create a final copy of your proposal. In the final proposal of your dissertation, write a title, and make a content table. Provide an elaborate timeline in your dissertation proposal. It should be of at least 10 pages.


A dissertation is a vital part of academics for students doing masters and PhD. Therefore, one cannot take it leniently. But before preparing the final dissertation. You need to bring up a good dissertation proposal. This article on how to write a dissertation proposal has discussed the tips to follow while writing the thesis. Students who are facing a crisis in writing a dissertation proposal should have a thorough reading of all the points mentioned above.

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