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What Does NVQ Level 3 Electrical Installation Course Mean in the UK?

NVQ stands for a national vocational qualification in the United Kingdom. It is pursued by individuals who have plans of entering the job market successfully. The level 3 course is offered in various fields and electrical installation is one of the segments of those. Under this course, a number of skills are introduced to the students which are related to electrical installation in various fields. NVQ assignments help in electrical installation are offered to students by makemyassignments.co.uk.

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Duration of the UK NVQ Level 3 Electrical Installation Course 

This course carries a lot of weight when it comes to placing oneself in a professional career.

Take a look at the particulars of this course:

  • The duration of this national vocational qualification of level 3 on electrical installation course generally starts with at least two years.  
  • This course duration can further be extended by the student according to their availability and time management in reference to the requirement of the scholars. 

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Courses Covered in Our NVQ Level 3 Electrical Installation Answers Course

We cover all the units that students need to work on while finishing this very important course.

Take a look at the units we cover under NVQ 2356 course:

  • Unit 301- Ensures safe working at the site
  • Unit 302- Diagnosing and correcting faults in electrotechnical systems and tools
  • Unit 303- Providing technical as well as functional data to relevant people regarding electrotechnical systems and tools
  • Unit 304- Maintaining a safe and healthy workplace
  • Unit 305- Preparing to install electrical wiring systems, wiring enclosures, and tools
  • Unit 306- Installation of electrical wiring systems, wiring enclosures, and tool
  • Unit 307- Connection of wiring systems and tools using safe and approved procedures
  • Unit 308- Inspecting, testing, and commissioning any electrical installation.

2 Different Versions of the Same Course Supplied NVQ 2357 Updated 25/11

  • Unit 311- Application of health and safety legislation and working practices (installing and maintaining electrotechnical systems and equipment) (ELTP01)
  • Unit 312-  Application of environmental legislation, working practices, and the principles of environmental technology systems (ELTP02)
  • Unit 313- Oversee and organize the workplace (electrical installation) (ELTP03)
  • Unit 315-  Plan, prepare and installation of wiring systems and associated tools in buildings, structures, and the environment (ELTP04)
  • Unit 316-  Termination and connection of conductors, cables, and flexible cords in electrical systems (ELTP05)
  • Unit 317-  Inspection, test, commission, and certify electro-technical systems and tools in buildings, structures, and the environment (ELTP06)
  • Unit 318-  Diagnose and correction of electrical faults in electrical systems and tools in buildings, structures, and the environment (ELTP07)

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