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A Detailed Introduction to Environmental Health

Sooner or later, we will have to recognise that the Earth has the right, too, to live without pollution. What mankind must know is that human beings cannot live without Mother Earth, but the planet can live without humans. – Evo Morales

An estimated 10 million people die globally every year due to environmental health. Moreover, they either live in unhealthy environments or work in such surroundings. Furthermore, it is a continuous attempt of humankind to reduce the exposure of people to harmful pollutants in the food, air, water, soil, etc.

In addition to this, pollutants can also be a part of your homes and workplaces. And these pollutants can result in major health issues like heart diseases, respiratory diseases, etc. Also, people with low incomes are likely to get affected because of their poor life quality. But who do we blame? We, humans, are the only ones responsible for this issue. So, what is the solution?

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What Does Environmental Health Mean?

Environmental health is a subsidiary of public health protection that talks about all the aspects of the natural and man-made environment which affect people’s health. Moreover, this discipline is also known as environmental public health and environmental health and protection. Furthermore, it studies how the environment can impact the health of people and diseases. In addition to this, it is a field full of diversity where professionals are engaged in tasks like environmental clean-ups, research, outreach and education, investigations, etc.

Also, the professionals of environmental health are known for their prominent efforts in making the things we eat, drink, touch, and breathe safely. Furthermore, these people are continuously performing research on topics such as communicable disease outbreaks, environmental toxins, etc. However, incidences like terrorist attacks are evidence that we still need trained professionals in this field. Therefore, if you plan on studying environmental health, you can reach out to our homework help service in case of any academic complexity. Now, let us move forward and read about the major categories of environmental health.

What are the Major Categories of Environmental Health?

Depending upon the properties of causes, environmental health can be classified into three categories i.e., biological hazards, chemical hazards, and physical hazards. Moreover, these three hazards can interact with each other. For example, flood is a physical hazard primarily but if it spreads waterborne diseases then it would be a biological hazard. Similarly, there are several incidences where biological hazards can attract chemical hazards, and so on. So, let us read about these categories in detail.

Biological hazards

For a long time, biological hazards are a crucial factor affecting the health of people. Moreover, it is defined as a communicable disease caused by infectious particles or pathogens such as fungi, worms, protozoa, bacteria, etc. Furthermore, there is a deviation in the proportion of deaths due to biological hazards. However, it still causes one death in every five people. Additionally, the rate of death is higher in developing countries among children. Also, the major reasons behind the biological hazards are poor sanitation, unclean water, unavailability of proper medical care, overpopulation, and malnutrition.

Chemical hazards

Chemical hazards are harmful substance due to which living organism faces major damage. Moreover, air pollutants like carbon monoxide, pesticides, heavy metals, etc. are some significant examples of these toxins. Furthermore, there can be several commercials, industrial, and residential sources that can expose us to these contaminants. In addition to this, if you are a student, you can use “the impact of the chemical hazard on humankind” as a topic of your thesis writing. However, if this is a complex task for you then you can ask the best thesis writing service for assistance. Because this is one of the greatest topics to do research on. And in case of any uncertainty, professionals are always in your assistance.

Physical hazards

There are additional forces called physical hazards to endanger humans. Moreover, natural disaster is one of the main reasons why physical hazard arises such as wildfires, earthquakes, extreme weather etc. Furthermore, there can be some man-made reasons behind it such as traffic accidents, mechanical equipment injuries, etc. Also, there are some physical hazards like explosions and radiation that can be the result of any natural or man-made sources.

What are Environmental Health Problems?

As mentioned earlier, every type of pollution and concern related to the environment is interconnected. Moreover, they put major influences on each other. Hence, it is significant to handle it all together. So, we as a community have to work collectively to reduce the impact of environmental health on humans. Now, let us read about the five major environmental health problems.

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Climate change

We all know that climate change is a major and apparent result of greenhouse gases. Moreover, these gases trap the sun’s heat and warm the earth’s surface. However, it increases the temperature of the ocean adversely which affects the ecosystem and the underwater habitat. Furthermore, it has increased the global sea levels which are automatically shrinking the land area. Also, it results in incidents like mass floods, freak weather, etc. on a global level.


Who is not aware of the term pollution? It is one of the primary reasons that cause environmental tensions associated with biodiversity and climate change. Moreover, all type of pollution like water, noise, soil, thermal, light, and radioactive affects the environment badly. Furthermore, the deteriorating quality of air, water, and soil along with climatic change and global warming have an imperilled impact on public health. So, we need to implement strict laws and regulations and educate people about the damage and measures to take care of it.


We all know when we destroy plants and trees which are useful for us in a number of ways, it is called deforestation. Moreover, there are a number of human and natural actions that result in deforestation such as natural wildfires, illegal logging, etc. that results in the continuous decrease of forest land. Furthermore, deforestation also results in issues like greenhouse gas emissions, global warming, pollution, etc.  


The mitigation of the disease and its control is a significant aspect that affects environmental health. Moreover, it put deteriorating impacts on industrial hygiene and occupational hygiene. Furthermore, we need to control communicable and non-communicable diseases and safeguard drinking water to face major environmental impacts.

Hazardous waste

We have an utter need to manage hazardous waste material and everything that contaminates our environment. Moreover, it is possible with improved waste management systems for which governments across nations are working day and night. Furthermore, all the materials and techniques that are associated with the progress of industries are connected to infectious diseases.

Therefore, education programs are running globally to aware people of their health hygiene. Also, it teaches people about the impact of climatic changes and other environmental health concerns.

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How can we Improve Environmental Health?

Everything that we choose, from what to eat to how to travel, puts an impact on the environment on some big or small levels. Moreover, some of our choices can directly impact the environment such as switching off the lights to conserve electricity. Furthermore, your other choices would affect environmental health indirectly. However, you will see some apparent changes in the wellness of the environment. Hence, given below are some ways in which we can improve environmental health. Let us read these ways one by one.

  • To promote environmental health and to counteract the damage of deforestation, we should practice afforestation, also known as growing more trees and planting trees.
  • Moreover, in order to eliminate any chemical contaminants, we should not dump wastewater directly into water bodies.
  • Plastic should not be used because it is one of the most hazardous nonbiodegradable substances.
  • The 3R philosophy ought to be applied (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle).
  • It is important to use energy and natural resources wisely and sustainably.
  • To prevent the daily loss of litres of water, we must prevent water wastage at all costs.
  • To prevent rainfall from draining while it is still fresh, we should implement rainwater-gathering techniques.
  • When not in use, turn off the electrical equipment to conserve energy.
  • To prevent air pollution and fuel waste, use public transportation and carpooling.
  • The use of bicycles is environmentally favourable. Hence, we should use it more often.
  • Since human activities contribute to climatic changes that cause temperature fluctuations, it is important to keep them in check. As a result, regular life is impacted while natural disasters are brought on by the increasing sea level brought on by the melting of ice caps.
  • To prevent the transmission of infections, we should work to keep our own habitat clean and practise excellent personal hygiene.

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Purpose of Environmental Health and Safety Training

Due to the continuous issues of environmental health, countries have started running environmental health and safety training. Moreover, the training aims at making operators and companies equipped with all the essential skills for people’s health and safety. Furthermore, it also aims at marking the safety of workplaces and making them free from any kind of harmful substance. Additionally, the environmental health and safety training programs cover the below-mentioned topics.

  • 40-hour HAZWOPER
  • Decontamination
  • Fire extinguisher training
  • Chain of command
  • Job hazard analysis
  • Environmental regulations
  • Hydrogen sulphide training
  • Waste management (hazardous waste)

As we know, training is a matter of concern across industries. So, no matter if you are a nurse or a cook, you can be closer to the harmful substance. Therefore, it is not just the hazardous material haulier who needs to have knowledge of the potential dangers. Everyone from a plumber to a gardener should know this. Moreover, with the help of environmental health and safety training, you would become capable of recognizing safety concerns prior to they become concerned matters. Furthermore, apart from safety and compliance, the training has some additional rewards. Because the training would make a company efficient enough to deal with safety concerns and avoid some of them. And, for many companies’ efficiency means profit.

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So, this was about “environmental health.” We hope that the blog was helpful to you. Also, it helped you clarify your concerns. Moreover, if you want to read more interesting blogs, keep visiting Make My Assignments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: 1 What are the five major environmental health?
Answer: 1 Given below is the list of prerequisites for the good health of the environment and humans.
• Clean air
• Adequate water
• Sanitation and hygiene
• Stable climate
• Safe chemical use
• Safe and healthy homes and workplaces
• Quality agricultural practices.
Question: 2 What environmental factors can affect someone’s health?
Answer: 2 There are eight environmental factors that can put a major impact on your health. And these are air pollution, chemical pollution, poor infrastructure, climate change, pathogens, poor access to good health care, and poor quality of water.