Employee Voice Essay for Students

You must have come across the term, employee voice. How important do you think it is for the individual, team, and the organization? It is one of the significant things for an organization, to collect frequent feedback from employees. Moreover, the organization must use innovations in order to capture feedback and take required actions. As a student, you must read how employee voice can be used for better engagement, productivity, and innovation. So, let us read this blog of Make My Assignments and learn about employee voice, its significance, and other related aspects. Alongside this, we will also look at a case of RPI as an example of an employee voice essay.

What is Employee Voice?

Employee voice or Voice of Employee is a process carried out in a systematic manner to assess and uncover the issues of employees. Moreover, it also helps in addressing the problems that can impact the relationship between employer and employee. Furthermore, without worrying about any negative outcome in the workplace, the process gives employees an opportunity to voice out their hopes, needs, preferences, etc. In addition to this, processes like one-on-one conversations, employee surveys, feedback, etc. are used to collect the employee voice. Eventually, the organization identifies the issues with the help of the data and works toward improvement. We can also say that, the aim of the employee voice process is to make work relationships better.

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Employee Voice for the Positive Impact

When a business follows the employee voice policy it means that the organization values its employees, even at the time of decision making as the employees have a say in the working of the organization. Moreover, there are 2 ways of understanding the term voice.

There is an inner desire in every employee that their statement does not go unheard. It applies to most people. Hence, when people are allowed to speak out their ideas in the workplace about what they agree to or disagree with instead of being pressurized for undesirable work they give productive results. Moreover, this does not make a negative impact on the productivity of the workplace.

Furthermore, the second idea of voice is the behavior that confronts an existing situation or decision to enhance it. Also, the voice results when people give suggestions for modifying a present situation or decision into a better one. This aspect of voice represents the dedication and engagement of employees in the work of the company. Eventually, this becomes beneficial for the organization as it brings creativity to the operations of the business.

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How Does Employee Voice Influence the Company’s Performance?

Employee voice is often associated with high-performance workplaces. It enables sharing of influences between individuals that are hierarchically unequal. Moreover, it represents the capability of individuals to influence the outcome of organizational decisions through their innovative ideas. Furthermore, employee voice not only provides an opportunity for employees to speak out their ideas, but employers also have the chance of building relations with employees beyond the hierarchical level gap.

Besides developing employer and employee relationships, employee voice generates confidence in the minds of employees that they are being valued by the organization. While the employee voice mechanism has become a vital element in most organizations globally, on the other hand, the type and level of the mechanism differ from organization to organization. Additionally, the level of employee voice is determined by the company so as to avoid excessive involvement of employees in the decision-making of the business and any negative impacts of it.

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Mechanism of employee voice

The mechanism of employee voice can be formal and informal. Therefore, communication which allows two-way communication involving both the employers and the employees is more effective. Because both parties are able to react to each other’s ideas and opinions. Such tools of communication include direct contact with senior managers, meetings with employers, etc. Although the employee voice is beneficial for both the employer as well as the employees still there are some factors that restrict the management of companies to implement employee voice.

From the perspective of the employees, the hesitation of employees to interact with the seniors is an important factor that restricts the employee voice mechanism. As far as employers or managers are concerned, some organizational managers do not prefer the interference of juniors in their decisions. This inflexibility in the attitude of managers does not allow employees a voice. To be a successful business, management requires overcoming these barriers and implementing employee voice to bring productivity among the employees.

Casting out negative emotions

There are a few downfall instances, that can be seen in almost every organization. Sometimes the employees are not able to express their views and share their ideas. Mostly, the employees are underestimated by employers when it comes to generating opinions about the company’s overall growth. Moreover, the employee’s thoughts and ideas are always kept aside or considered last on the list.

These kinds of acts put a negative impact on employees. It puts huge resentment in the employees. Despite all the interests, the employees start to lose their motivation at work. Thus, the level of productivity and creativity drops drastically. All these agitations result in the downfall of the growth of the organization on a wide scale.

Labor, knowledge, and skills

When there is a recline in the employee’s voice, there is a recline in the productivity of knowledge and skills as well. It is all because of the retention caused by the sense of discouragement and disappointment caused in the workplace. Moreover, when the time comes for a rapid expansion of the company and increasing productivity, the employees don’t put much effort into things and keep up with their normal pace and skill at their work. Hence, this kind of behavior is mainly motivated due to the ignorance of the employers. These problems should be addressed properly at all times to keep the employees at the right frequency.

Employer branding and reputation

Employees form a rebellion if the requirements are not addressed and acknowledged well. That could be a red flag. Moreover, if the employer still ignores the voice of the employees, then it is apparently going to end up badly. After a while, some employees start to share their grievances on other forms of platforms. Furthermore, it is going to affect the reputation of the company in the worst possible ways. It makes it even harder to find the right talents in the market.

Also, candidates will not prefer to join the company and they would jump to the next opportunity in line. Eventually, the employer has to choose candidates from the category they never wanted. The employer should always learn that the agility of the organization always depends on the employee’s skill set and motivation. The employee’s performance depends on how employers treat their employees. Also, seek assistance from a good dissertation writing help service to compose a good employee voice essay.

Collaborative learning

Improving the employee’s voice can make all the employees communicate all the drawbacks, strengths, and weaknesses of the process with each other. It is the most effective way of contemplating the ways to find a solution to the persisting issues of the organization. Moreover, there is no one knows about the contingencies and existing issues of any process better than the employees themselves.

Furthermore, communication is important to share knowledge and skills among employees. Only then the company can grow collectively. Every employee has got a certain area of expertise and resources. Hence, it is crucial to the company’s development. All these things are achievable through communication between the employees and also with the employer as well. Hence the employee voice plays a key role in the development.

Better job-design

Employee voice is necessary for increasing the area of expertise. Therefore, it is important to address an employee’s skill set. By doing so, it can increase the productivity of the department. Hence, there would be more opportunities to recruit candidates with similar skill sets to expand the particular department. Furthermore, employees should be given the opportunity to work in the areas where they are good at. It will ultimately increase the productivity of the company which is more important. In order to generate ideas, the company should have more exposure to these aspects.

Optimization of human resource

Employee voice can also play a key role in contemplating the methods of recruitment by the human resource department. The employees can better share the needs of the company and employees distinctly. Moreover, if the requests are legitimate, then there should be no problem with obliging with the requests. Furthermore, happy employees mean more productivity and creativity. Hence, it leads to the development of the organization on a larger scale. The employees are better able to work with a much better pace and clarity. Also, they get enough time to think and process the information collected from various resources. They are able to think critically about the relevance of various resources in the productivity of the company.

Better decision-making

Finally, employee voice leads to exposure to different ideas and opportunities. Therefore, the employer is able to find a viable alternative to the current strategies and work details. Moreover, employers have their own ideas but they have to make sure they could help in the company’s seamless future. So, it is important to involve employees in the decision-making process as they sometimes are better at finding the flaws of any idea. They can also detect areas of improvement.

Employee Voice: An Essay Sample

Topic: Employee voice is said to be a debatable aspect when it comes to the management of people at work. With the help of an example explain why you think it is true.

Every employee wishes to have an opinion on the decisions made at the workplace that will affect their work. Moreover, employee voice is a chance for them to bring out their concerns and grievances. Furthermore, employers mainly aim towards two motives when they provide the employees with a voice. This is to obtain benefits for the organization along with the employees. Also, people see it in the light of the in-role behavior of the employers instead of an extra-role. There is always a tension between employees’ desire to voice out things and the desire of management that sees voice as a part of human resource management. Hence, it is a debatable topic.

Arguably, employee voice is considered bad for the organization but this is an inevitable tension. To understand it better, we can talk about the Ireland case including the rugby players.

The aim is to make the lives of Irish rugby professional players better in three major areas i.e., development, representation, and engagement. Rugby Players Ireland (RPI) is known to represent players on various levels and in different forums when it comes to matters related to welfare. Moreover, they also take care of issues that affect the game. Hence, the gains request made on behalf of the players includes the following: 

  • A negotiated contractual player agreement with the employer
  • The Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU)
  • The mechanisms for negotiating the pay and conditions of the best international players
  • The establishment of clear contractual entitlements for players while injured for long periods of time or in the case of career-ending injuries
  • The securing of tax back payment

Hence, the RPI has offered off-field player development programs that can help the players to make their way out of rugby and look for a new job and make it a career.

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The presence of voice is very important for every organization and is beneficial for both the employers and the employees. Moreover, employee voice is an augmented approach to communication. Also, being positive is the key to success in all firms. Hence, we hope that you got to learn enough about employee voice with the help of this blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: 1 How can we understand the employee voice process?
Answer: 1 Employee voice puts a major impact on the organization. It is the most basic aspect that provides seamless sustainability of the company’s progress and development. Moreover, there are a lot of benefits to motivating employee voice. If the organization has to be productive and proficient, it should encourage the employee’s voice in the workplace.
Question: 2 Why is employee voice crucial?
Answer: 2 To develop and maintain a skilled human resource, organizations need to focus on employee participation in the decision-making process of the company. Moreover, the basis for promoting employee participation in business operations is communication between the employees and the company.