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Assignment Submission before the deadline

Teachers think that assignment writing is one of the most convenient ways to exercise the brains of their students which is somehow true. So they always give homework for each subject and also add marks to those assignments. In order to score marks students take the headache of this task. Students have to struggle a lot throughout their academics and daily routines. If you have the knack to submit assignments on time, you probably give more priority to writing assignments and you will table the other activities for later discussion. That is the first way of assignment submission timely.

Well, that is how every student is expected to behave but it is not feasible in all cases. Since students are expected to deliver all the aspects proficiently without failing on a single instance is not easy at all. Some students have their own priorities to deal with. We all know the importance and benefits of writing an assignment and also, it is quite understood that assignments are the most crucial segment of academics. You can’t expect to score well in your examinations without having written your assignments and submitted them before the allotted time frame. 

Definitive Ways

Therefore, it becomes utterly necessary for students to manage the timings of their daily activities to keep everything balanced. Some students have to work part-time in different places to make the ends meet. Some students decided to undergo some internship programs or courses to make their academic knowledge stronger. So, there are different kinds of students. The priority for every student is totally different from one another. 

Situations are different for all the students. Especially, it becomes even more difficult for students who are foreigners from different countries. They have to manage all their basic needs, college fees, personal expenditures and other deals of life on their own. It could feel so hectic and hazardous to them. You can always hope and pray to get things fixed soon enough. Assignment submission should be the first priority.

But there are some unfair situations for which they cannot complete their assignments. Causes for not completing the assignments are very common like lack of materials, parental obligations, limited recall and just forgot, etc. These are likely to interrupt your daily plannings.

Nowadays every problem has a definitive solution. So don’t take the headache of red zeros in your grade book squares. I am going to give five sure short problems and tips which will aid you to overcome the problems of missing homework.

Time Management for the assignment submission

Time Management

Most of the schools have implemented this strategy and got a huge success. If any student who has missed the homework, then there will be a fixed time when all the students gather and the main focus will be to complete the task.

For that, they can have their lunch first and then complete their tasks by replacing the traditional recess break. You could use these times to plan how you are going to meet the assignment deadline. your assignment. The first thing that you should learn in college is the potential to use every single minute of your college wisely. Especially, when it comes to the assignment submission.

Schedule everything

All the students have a good idea about the drawbacks that need to fix in their assignment writing. You have to contemplate all the disadvantages of your assignments and their contents especially writing assignments such as an essay writing. You should focus your free time on anticipating all the raw materials needed to finish the assignment.

Once you have confirmed the problems then you will be ready to pursue the quest to find all the relevant materials and resources needed to finish the assignment. Once you have consolidated all the important materials, you can then plan on arranging the time for yourself to start writing your assignment. Then, it will make easier for assignment submission before the deadline.

Increase the connectivity for the assignment submission

Connectivity Between Students And Professor

This is a very authentic idea for a teacher to help the students in their missing homework. Never wait until a student has missed assignments of a week before trying this approach. Every teacher can have a phone in the classroom, which is often one of the best and most convenient ways to get students to take more liability for their work.

First, alert them in advance by writing something for them which can be accessed by Smartphones. These are a few things that you should discuss with your professor in order to stay connected. It is always has been advised to stay in touch with your professor as they are the ones that will help you with every aspect of your academics.


Whether it be understanding about the guidelines, collecting resources, citations or issues related to deadlines. Your professor should communicate with you from time to time. Especially, about the urgent updates and deadlines time constraints. Guidelines are important to know better about assignment submission.

If you are by any chance not able to meet the deadline, you must convey that to your professor. They mostly oblige with the request to extend the deadline if your reasons are legitimate. 

Fill the Communication Gap for the assignment submission

Fix The Communication Gap

When you came to know that your children are lying about their assignments by saying that they have completed their tasks successfully, you will definitely get frustrated.

Start from scratch to develop the responsibility of your children. Spend some time with your kids and try to know about their education. Create a reciprocal pleasurable agreement between with them and make sure to comprise some sort of encouragement for your kids and punishment too.

Taking the Initiative

Punishing the children are not the only way to make them responsible for their academics. Hence, the parents should be more updated with the children’s latest issues and ways to tackle those issues. 

Every generation of children has special needs and talent as well. Parents should keep track of these traits of children to help them better and make them even better in their academics. Some students are serious with their studies yet they are not able to perform in their academics as expected.

Analysing the issue

It could be the reason behind their peers or other curricular activity that child might seem to be more interested. If that be the case, you should help them to learn time management. As children are at their learning stage, they mostly don’t have a deeper understanding of how to manage the priorities. That’s how assignment submission becomes easier.

Therefore, the responsibility falls on the parents as well. They must understand and work towards the special needs of their children. Only then we can expect a seamless scope of the students’ career. Learning to write and deliver the assignment is the first thing that could be taught to a child to make them efficient. 

Academic Report for the assignment

Academic Report

Never miss the assignment to complete it properly. If you are missing anything, then it is important to note it down. For a teacher, he or she must check the work of students and document the missing assignments of students.

Segregate the page into columns and named them as date, student name, assignment name, date due, reason missing. Conduct meetings, share the document with parents and take necessary actions to make them serious on their jobs. Therefore, reports of the students must be created often to check the growth of them.


 The parents and the professors should communicate time to time to know the stats of their studies. If the student has been facing difficulty in a particular subject, the parents and teachers should work with the child to put more focus on the particular subject to gain enough grip. That is the responsibility of the parents and professors only.

The right motivation and counselling are the 2 most important things that could drive students towards betterment. Since the students usually don’t have much idea about the scopes and preliminaries of a particular subject and course. It is also recommended to take assistance for project management assignments as these assignments have more weight in academics. It is a better way to help the student know more about the traditional and proper ways to write the assignment.

Proper Approach

All the assignments are different. Therefore, the approach should be adjusted from time to time to deliver all kinds of assignments without any problem. Different assignments have different assignment submission criteria.

It is the responsibility of the professor and parents to enlighten them with the importance of academics. So, they can build a knack to writing the assignments on their own and deliver them within the provided deadline. 

Fix the incompetency for the assignment

Reasons Behind Incompetency

Last but very important point is you need to ask your students simply. For example: what makes them not to complete their homework, what is lacking in learning and teaching etc. So that a clear picture can be figured out. It is not the fault of students every time. Assignment submission depends on it.

All their behaviour, interest in academics and other fields of activities are mostly based on their seniors and elder people. Therefore, it is very crucial that you must influence the students in the right direction.


The parents should find the best area of study where the student can grow interested and use their abilities proficiently. Maths assignments are not the best area of interest for most of the students. But, there are ways to make those subjects interesting for the students.

The first step is to make the students aware of the importance of mathematics. Plus, how it is related to our daily activities. There should be a proper co-relation between their interests and abilities. Keeping all these measures in mind, the student can become truly better in their academics. By that means, the student will be able to deliver the assignment before the given time-frame. They only need a little rightful push in the beginning. And, they take care of the rest of the things by themselves. 

By Sara Jason

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