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Employee Recognition Essay for Students

Employee Recognition

Employee recognition is quite easy to understand. A simple appreciation or appraisal is given to the employee. It is done by the employer. The employee is recognised by the employer. Most of the world leaders do not understand that concept quite well. Increasing the salary or providing certification of some accomplishment is just not enough. 

The leaders most often follow it just to do a formality. The objectives of the employees should be in favour of the company’s policies and interests and the employees should work up to their utmost potential to achieve the desired results. To follow all these things, there is a little amount of motivation and encouragement required.


Appreciating them with formal certifications is not good enough. Employers should let their employees know that they put attention in the efforts put by them. There should be a personal touch in recognizing the employees work ethics and performance. It should be felt as individual recognition. All employees have a different kind of expertise and resource. They employ their abilities and resources in the betterment of the company, it should be taken for granted. It is something that should be considered a little out of the box. 

All the organizations have their strategies and plans for delivering the work. If the employee tries a different ideology or methods which ultimately benefits the company, that should be appreciated in a good way.

Importance for employees Recognition

The recognition is very important for the success of the organization. The employees want to be appreciated for their hard work and contribution to the organization. Employee recognition should have two aspects. The first aspects include the identification of various opportunities to direct them for hard work within the organization. It happens very frequently.

The other aspect of employee recognition is the physical performance for doing something to appreciate employees for their good performance. Employee recognition is not a complete public relation activity that can be the channel within an organization. The PR manager can begin in the working area.

Benefits of Employee Recognition

The work could begin prudently without informing others about the changes and observing the outcome. Mostly, the employees get motivated after receiving sincere thanks word that is more essential than any tangible things. The employees could get a benefit of recognition by written, personal. Public and electronic praises from those people who appreciate their work in a sincere way.

If we had to abstract the main benefits that are mutual to the company and their employees, you can go through some important points given below. 

  • Increase in the productivity of individual employees – You have heard this earlier if the employer is good at recognizing the individual skills and effort put by every employee. Aso, that drives the motivation to repeat the same behaviour to achieve the same set of results. Ultimately, increasing the overall productivity of the company. 
  • Employee satisfaction and blissfulness in work – Positive encouragement and motivation lead to additional involvement of the employees in work. Psychologically it is a proven fact that someone is appreciated their action, the person likes to repeat the action. Same way, the employees invest more time at work and less time complaining. Hence, leading to an increase in the company’s performance. 
  • Recognizing the employees for their actions whether poor or better. It helps the employees to detect their drawbacks and strengths. If the feedback given to the employees are individual, then it helps them to closely rectify and improve their performances. 

Additional Benefits

  • The commitment of the employees remains intact for a longer period. No employee would like to leave the company that appreciates his/her work. As long as the company remains happy with the employees, the employees tend to follow the same for as long as they can in order to stay motivated and keep working. 
  • Increases the teamwork – As we all know, teamwork is most crucial to productivity at work. If the individuals are well-aware of their abilities and drawback. They could discuss with another to caste away the disadvantages of each team member much efficiently. Hence it will increase the teamwork. 
  • It is also a good way to retain the quality employees or in other words, it is also a good way of securing the assets of the company. Plus, it also makes sure that no skill has been wasted away. 
  • Finally, there would very few escalations related to any accidents caused at the job or problems related to delayed delivery of task, absenteeism, work mistakes and exceptions etc. 

Disengagement of Employees

Prevention of Rogue Employees

Many catastrophes created by the employees that went psychic due to the sense of underestimation or underrating recognition by the company. There have been many instances where the rogue employees steal from their company or misguiding or misleading the other co-workers in the destruction of the company. They usually start working against the company’s benefits to satisfy their rage. The main reason is improper employee recognition.

Working unfailingly for the company and putting personal life at second priority after work-life are agendas for most employees. So, they want to stay loyal to the company and work in the betterment of the company.

Detecting the Rogue Employees

As we all know, it is an old-fashioned notion, you are just here to do the job. You are simply justifying the salary in your job. That’s the level of motivation that remains the same for most of the employees. Every person is struggling for their own cause but working towards the interests of the company is not a simple thing.

The mentality of all the employees could not be the same. All human beings have the tendency to turn reckless in a matter of time. It all depends on the situation and the series of emotions going down.

Sustainability of Relation between Employer and Employee

The public relation professional get concerned for employee recognition because they can use the principles of more impact on the working relationships and it has a large communication factor. Employee recognition is an effective tool for motivating employees. 

Employee recognition is not frequently increasing, but it is a normal thing to motivate employees. Although, the benefits should begin from the employee recognition. Managers require strengthening and training for employee recognition that an underrated technique for the motivation of the employees.

Employee Recognition Essay for Students

Restoring the Assets

The resistant behaviour supports the mission of the organization that is the key performance indicator. The employee satisfaction level increases by focusing on the job and less time complaining. So, employee recognition has provided the direct performance feedback of employees that should help in motivating the employees.

Therefore, it reduces the negative effects of the organization that should result in stress and absenteeism of employees from their work. Hence, the regular credits are essential to effective recognition. 

The recognition benefits the immediate and forceful motivation of the desired behaviour that provides employees with the desired behaviour that align with the organizational objectives. So, it provides opportunities to individuals and team to identify good work of employees that provides an opportunity to identify others and take initiative to do something. Also, there is a need for an employee voice in every company.


Recognition is the key success factor at a higher level of management. The organization celebrates the success that is critical. The employee, who gives their best performance, must be easily identified. Therefore, the positive results will be responsible for the execution of the success of the organization and help to formulate a strategy.

By Sara Jason

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