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Directions for Writing an Executive Summary

You need to craft a perfect executive summary if you desire to sell an idea to an investor. So, if you want your business plan to get considered, here’s how you should write an executive summary.

Whenever you want to put together a plan for a business or a proposal for an investment, you need to preface your report. And for that, you need a well-crafted executive summary. Moreover, the summary should hold the significant details of the report without making it redundant and boring. Furthermore, you can add analysis, reviews, charts, and numbers to make it look more appealing. Because this is an opportunity for you to interest your reader in why he or she should read the entire proposal and what it is all about. Therefore, read this blog to know more about the executive summary and its direction of writing. Also, if you still find it complex, then you seek assistance from assignment help experts. They will help you like no one other.

What is an Executive Summary?

As an entrepreneur, an executive summary is crucial to determine the best and the loopholes of the company, for an explanation. Furthermore, we can also say that it is a process of filtering the essence of a business on paper to consider the significant and the unnecessary.

Now, let us understand the prominence of an executive summary with an example. Let us say, company A wants to move in a specific strategic direction. So, how would they decide if is it right to do so or if is it even the right time to consider changing strategies? Well, before making any decision they would have to perform a competitor analysis. Moreover, the analysis would help them understand the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats associated with the decision.

Furthermore, they would have to make a business plan to articulate their findings. Also, the business plan would be helpful in suggesting further steps. Here, the business plan would need an executive summary, to begin with. Therefore, here it becomes a prominent element of a business plan.

However, we understand that this process can be complex and mind-boggling. Hence, in any such circumstances, you should seek assignment writing help from the best website possible. Moreover, the experts in the discipline would help you compose a top-notch executive summary. Furthermore, there are some components of an executive summary that you must consider. Let us read about them.

Components of the executive summary

There is a list of things that one’s executive summary must have. These are:

  • An explanation of why there was a need to perform the research.
  • The results of the research.
  • Suggestions were made for how there is a need to alter the existing strategies.

In addition to this, executive summaries are often written for business cases, project plans, research documents, market surveys, project proposals, and environmental studies. Moreover, there are four significant parts of this document.

Directions for Writing a Powerful Executive Summary

Generally, there are four parts to an executive summary. Moreover, if you desire to write a powerful summary then you can simply follow the below-mentioned template. Furthermore, once you are done with, the summary, you should read it again so that you can cross-check that it includes all the significant information.

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Now, let us know how we can write a powerful executive summary without the help of a professional.

Begin with the problem you need to solve with the project

When you start writing your executive summary, you need to explain the significance of the document. Moreover, you should outline the problem. Alongside, if you have a research or customer review, you can include that too in the document. Furthermore, you need to clarify how the issue is significant and relevant to the clients. Also, why it is important to solve it.

For example, let’s imagine you work for a company that manufactures glass. Moreover, your project is to make glasses that look luxurious and affordable. Furthermore, you have to target a new set of customers.

Example executive summary

In our recent customer review sessions, 45% of the customers have shown interest in a luxurious and affordable version of our glasses. Moreover, in surveys where customers have chosen the competitor brand, they have mentioned the price 80% of the time. Therefore, to sell the best to our customers and excite the market, we need to make glasses that we can sell in the market at an affordable price without losing the quality.

Outline the objectives of the project

Now, that you have marked your problem, it is time to explain your potential solution. Moreover, you need to write your solution in a prescriptive manner. Furthermore, here we want to say that your writing should be strong enough to convince your readers that you have the best and the right solution to the problem. Therefore, we can say that here you need to support your suggested solution strongly.

Additionally, if you do not have your deliverables ready at the beginning of your project then it is okay. However, this is your opportunity to describe the whereabouts of the project in broad strokes. Moreover, if you want to formulate a top-notch overview of the deliverables of the project, you can create a project roadmap before writing an executive summary.

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Demonstrate the value of the solution

At this point, you have to write in detail that your solution would be impactful and improve your outlined issue. Moreover, what are your expected results? Furthermore, this is the section where you need to include the required financial information. Additionally, you should include potential benefits and project risks in this section of your document. Also, you should create a relevance or relation between the project and the goals of your company. How does this function guide your organization’s goals?

Conclude the significance of the work

Now, this is the final section of your executive summary. Moreover, by now, you have shared all the significant things with the executive stakeholders. Furthermore, this section is your opportunity to convince them how this project would impact the organisation. Also, what are things they can alter from the executive summary if there are any?

Additionally, you need to be stress-free in order to write a good executive summary. However, if you have any kind of academic stress going on, which is refraining you from learning to write a powerful summary then you can seek instant assignment help. Moreover, here you will get your work done instantly and can focus on what you want more.

Points to Ponder While Writing an Executive Summary

Mistakes are a human thing. Moreover, it is easy to make mistakes every now and then. However, if it happens to be in your executive summary, it can be a matter of concern. Also, you cannot be a professional executive summary writer overnight. Hence, it is okay. Given below are some common pitfalls that you must avoid while writing a summary.

  • You are not allowed to use jargon in your executive summary. Moreover, it should be highly readable by everyone. Furthermore, you can explain jargon if needed otherwise skip it all.
  • Also, you should understand the executive summary isn’t the report. It is just a summary. Hence, you do not have to go into many details.
  • Your executive summary should be able to stand alone. Furthermore, it means that it should be understandable by your readers without you standing there to explain things and terminologies.
  • Also, it is significant to proofread your executive summary before you pass it further to the stakeholders.

So, these are certain things that people often overlook. However, you should not underestimate the damage these mistakes can cause to your summary. Also, as we have mentioned above, you should seek expert assistance for your academic work in case you find yourself stuck with some subjects. Moreover, the experts can help you with any type of dissertation writing help, coursework help, etc. Furthermore, they can assist you with any subject discipline from programming to psychology.

Practical Executive Summary: The Five-Paragraph Formula

In order to make it easy to understand the structure and writing of an executive summary, we can break it into five paragraphs. Moreover, in this way the chances of missing out on significant things decrease.

  • In the first paragraph, you can provide an overview of your business. Moreover, in this paragraph, you should write about the name and nature of the company and other related insights.
  • Moreover, in the second paragraph, you can talk about your target market, competition, and marketing strategies. Also, in this paragraph, you should include the pain point your business wants to solve through this project.
  • Furthermore, the third paragraph is all about the overview of the operational highlights or operational plan. Hence, you can talk about the location of your company office, and the type of business (sole proprietor etc.).
  • In the next paragraph which is the fourth paragraph, you are expected to show forecasting. For example, here you can make sales forecasting projections for the upcoming years.
  • Eventually, the fifth paragraph of the executive summary should talk about the details of needed investments.

Now, with the help of this executive summary guide, you can draft a good summary for your business.

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So, this was all about how to write an executive summary. Moreover, we hope that you can now draft a powerful summary with the tools and knowledge shared here in the blog. For more such interesting blogs, keep on visiting our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: 1 What does a good executive summary look like?
Answer: 1 A good executive summary should be able to brief all the key points of the report you are writing. Additionally, it should clearly explain the purpose, recommendations, results, and conclusions. Furthermore, it should highlight the significant points of the report.
Question: 2 How should I end an executive summary?
Answer: 2 When you are ending your executive summary, you should write a strong statement. Moreover, the ending can also be transitional which clearly tells about the theme or the central message of your writing.